Friday, October 15, 2010

The Hot Tub and Wet Bar

Yesterday I drove to my new office to get paperwork done and a tour of the facilities.  My new boss quipped "Maris will be organizing your new space, so you can tell her where you want the hot tub and wet bar."

I replied, "Oh, that's RIGHT!  I forgot, this is Marketing -- Two drink minimum.

To which Susan, my boss replied, "No,  it's Advertising.   It's four"

On the drive home, though, I started to panic about my life.  This is what I have going on, in no particular order:

- I moved to a new house recently, and am still unpacking.  

- I am helping run a conference in NY this coming Tuesday, as part of a consulting gig I am doing with a friend.  It's  I'm really excited about it.  But I have to pack, drive to Phoenix, and take a redeye Sunday night.  I love to freak out the flight attendants & fellow passengers by telling them I can't sleep on planes because I sleep in the nude.

- Aforementioned friend's mother is gravely ill and there is a chance he may not make it to the conference, so we need to plan for contingencies (aka I would run the whole thing)

- My mother-in-law is visiting next week.  My house is messy.   I love her dearly, but when she sees a mess she wants to clean it and I don't think that's fair to her (or me when I have a boiling pot of pasta and can't find the colander).

- I just pulled my youngest two kids out of public school due to bullying issues and put them in private school.  They have pre- and post- school hour activities. To afford this, I let my nanny go.  And she was a very good nanny, if anyone's looking I'll give you her name.  

- My dishwasher is broken (!!!)  

- Mount Washmore is piled so high next to the washing machines I get dizzy looking at it. 

- I WAS trying to sell my cabin in Pinetop but we've decided to refinance instead and leverage the recent interest we've had in people renting it. 

- I now have this weird nesting instinct to store up meals, find a zillion crock pot recipes, buy things in bulk, and make sure my family isn't wanting for things like toilet paper and stainless steel water bottles.

- I need to get my professional wardrobe in order, figure out who's taking whom where on school days and to after school activities like music and sports.

Thank God a colleague I admire has turned me on to this great book, "Getting Things Done" by David Allen. Basically, you pretend you have amnesia and have to write everything on your mind down, categorize it, and re-assess it every week (so instead of a yearly setting resolutions, you get to do it 51 more times a year).


There is a lot on this list.  And I haven't even started my new job yet.

Maybe I should really think about that hot tub and wet bar.

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