Tuesday, October 12, 2010

And so it begins.

It's official!  I got notice today from Martha at the Human Resources department that I will start a week from Thursday.  Woot woot!!

Back to 9-5.  I've been working without an office and having to set the alarm clock for almost a decade.  I started a couple of businesses (jewelry related) -- really not worth mentioning as they were not runaway successes, but they kept me in bling, so a girl can't complain.  Besides,  it was good practice and  rebuilt 'muscle memory' for how to market, sell, and provide great service.

 I then worked for a start-up that began to feel more like a dysfunctional relationship than a job (18 months without financing but I'm paying a nanny???).  Still, it was a lot of fun, I learned a lot, and, more importantly, I realized how important being part of a team is to me. I missed the camaraderie of "The Office" and was getting my fix of it on Thursday nights on NBC.  It was a poor substitute for the energy of the real thing

There is a time in every working woman's life when she contemplates staying home.  Usually it's when she has a baby.  Then she fights the war inside her head about where she ::really:: should be.  At home, she thinks she should be finishing something at the office and feels guilty.  At the office, she thinks she should be with her baby and feels guilty.  So, most people figure out what makes the most financial sense and grit their teeth and just do it.   In our case, my husband stayed home while I worked.  I used to work for a major corporation.  At various events, my envious male colleagues would razz him and say...

"How'd you land this gig?  You're so lucky, you get to stay home, maybe play some golf..."

But, (God love him) my husband would jump in and say,  "Oh no no no.  I don't have time.  Between the shopping, cooking and making sure her (pointing at me) laundry's done before she goes off on another business trip, it's all I can do to keep up with the kids!  You want to watch them for me while I golf?"

The clueless husbands would frown and say "Wow, that's harder than what I do all day..." while their stay-at-home wives would smack them on the back of their heads, roll their eyes and say, "You idiot.  That is EXACTLY what I do all day!"

Yes, he worked hard.  Yes, I appreciated it.  He did perfect laundry, the kids were clean, diapered, entertained and cheerful every night, and dinner was at six on the dot (and if I was late he and the kids would start without me).  Did I have a case of "the grass is greener?"  You betcha.

So, later in life, we switched.  And I learned something very important about myself.

I am not Martha Stewart.   The harder I tried, the harder I fell.  I became...more like... the antiMartha.

Shortcuts are fine... no, they are MORE than fine with me.  The trick is, how do you know what shortcuts are terrific and which make your life feel, well...cheap.

I hope you'll ride along side me as I document the process of 'having it all', or 'losing it all' (aka my sanity).  Your advice and comments are most welcome.   Do share, that's what it's all about!

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  1. 9-5, then working from home, then back to 9-5.
    I'm really curious which one do you prefer now.
    But I really think it depends on which phase of your life you're in..